Welcome to the second installment of the blog, highlighting our 2019-2020 scholar, Anthony! Read our interview below!

Scholar Anthony

Tell us about yourself!

“My name is Anthony Littlepage-Buggs and I am currently a first-year acting student at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and graduated from Classen School of Advanced Studies in 2019. For most of my high school experience, I spent a lot of time at my local Boys & Girls Club. I was the 2019 Oklahoma State Youth Of the Year and after graduating I was able to work my way up to Site Coordinator. I took a year off from school to explore different options for college such as theatre. During high school, I participated in school and community theatre. Combining those experiences with my experience in choir, I knew that I could see myself performing for the rest of my life. One of my mentors from The Club mentioned a scholarship opportunity through The Fund for College Auditions. With this scholarship, I was able to take private lessons and get one on one help with my college application process. I also got the opportunity to audition for a few schools in person and at Chicago Unifieds.” 


What was surprising about the college audition process?

“I was surprised by the sheer amount of work that goes into college auditions, It’s so much more than just applying to the schools and getting in. Every school has different requirements and different ways they want you to do things so from the start the pressure is on but I was glad that I had Ellen and so many others in my corner to help. I had so many decisions to make from what color shirt I was going to wear in my prescreen videos to figuring out how to schedule 10+ auditions in a week for Unifides. Every step of this process was a challenge in itself and without my TFCA family, I don’t know how I would have made it work.” 


What was a gift you didn’t expect to get at any point in the process?

“The best gift I didn’t expect was my TFCA family. I never thought that through this process I would gain a new family but when I had to be away from my own family I knew that Ellen and TFCA would take care of me. It gave me more time to focus on putting my energy into my work instead of whatever was going on back at home. So many people gave their time and energy to help me better myself and gave me wisdom that I will hold with me for the rest of my life. Ellen and everyone helping her with TFCA pushed me out of my comfort zone because they saw something in me I didn’t see in myself and for that, I’m forever grateful.”


What are things you’re looking forward to as you imagine the year ahead at college?

“I’m looking forward to all the good and bad things that come with college but I’m especially excited to be in an environment that will push me to evolve. I’m excited to be in a new space with like-minded creatives all working toward the same goal but all in their own way. I’ve always wanted to get out of my home state and explore and have new experiences and I can’t wait to get to school and start the next chapter of my life.”


Thanks for reading! Tune in next week for an interview with a special guest!